Perpetually Me

CONTACT Photography Festival, Toronto ON
The Riverdale Hub Art Gallery
May 2022 - August 2022 
Curated by Ignazio Nicastro

        For years, I found myself lost in the abundance of potential in the photo industry, and in some ways, I still do. Initially started five years ago, my inclination to shoot analog photos heightened during the pandemic and although I couldn’t place why, it felt like the right direction. It removed me from the stress of my commercial practice and had me seeking boundless beauty in the every day. It took much reflection to recognize the significance of this pull, but shifting my focus away from producing commercial content and moving into medium format film unveiled a necessary change in my approach to creating. Rather than rapidly capturing everything I could - filling archives with countless files, I was suddenly forced to focus on the intention behind every captured frame. It allowed an introspective revelation of an underlying theme often seen in these images - an all encompassing feeling of loneliness and longing. I’ve crafted a slow, careful approach to my work, finding appreciation in the subtle scenes where nothing happens. Perpetually Me is an ode to the fleeting, intimate, and lonesome moments that pass us by, often remarking of what once was, or what could be.

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